Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

Oscar Costume History

Hi everyone :)

comming Sunday it's Oscar time again ;) And the Oscar goes to......

Big thanks to who provided me with this 15 beautiful art designes of Oscar-Costume-History, of course I had to show them to you :D

Not all of them won Best-Costume-Oscar, but they are non the less amazing costumes / movies <3 Enjoy :)

So who will get the Oscars this Sunday?

I'm very curious if Leonardo DiCaprio finally gets his golden man. I think he really deserves it after getting nominated so often. He did a brillian job in "The Revenant"
Well we shall see ;)

What's also very interesting for me are the COSTUME DESIGN nominees of course :D

Following Movies are nominated in this category:






My heart goes to CINDERELLA for the best costumes, they are so beautiful, I love them <3

What do you guys think? Who gets an Oscar?


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Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

Elsa Shoes Tutorial

Hey everyone,

today I have another Elsa tutorial for you :)

It's on how I made her ice shoes, this one <3

I used this ANNA FIELD shoes from Zalando as my base, they are pretty cheap

Firt removed the ankle band and cut off the instep band:

Then I put some paper on the shoe to transfer the edges....  (I did the same thing with the front part of the shoe)

Then I draw my ice design along the edg line and cut it out

So here's my paper pattern on the right shoe :)

Then I transfered the pattern onto cosplayflex, which I got from the CosplaySchmiede
It was the first time I ever worked with a thermoplastic material. And I love it, it's ablolutey fabulous!!! I really want to work with it again soon :)

It really was quite easy to cut the cosplayflex, far easier than I would have thought.
Then I heated it up a bit with a heat gun to make it flexible and draped it over the shoes. The great part is, this fantastic material has glue in it so I didn't have to use extra glue, so cool :)
It cooles pretty fast and as soon as it is cold it's stiff again. If something is not quite the way you like it, you can just take your heat gun and make it flexible, that's so awesome. Did I metion that I love this material?  ;))

I primed the beige parts with white acrylic paint.

And then painted it in this blue color (I mixed it myself). I guess you could also leave it like this, I think they already look super cool :) However, if you want to leave'em like this, I sugest to cover the whole shoe in cosplayflex or another thermoplastic material and sand it before painting. Also use a clear finish spray to keep it shiny.

I wanted to give them an ice topping, so I used my hotglue gun to add my ice :)

That's it, I hope you like it :)

I will post some more Elsa tutorials soon ;)


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