Freitag, 30. Oktober 2015

Akasha Makeup tipps

Hi everyone,

as it's Halloween and Akashas white-bronze outfit is my next project, I wanted to do a makeup test on her look.
I already made her dark outfit 10 year ago, but back then I hadn't much experience concerning makeup. So I thougt I give it another try ;)

Another thing I hadn't bake then, falsies and green contacts...

I started my look with straightening my hair. Here's a before an after picture.

It's kind of odd seeing my with straight hair, but I like it :)

Before I put my makeup on, I inserted the green contacts. Then I used BB creme to make my skin look more even. I didn't use concealer under the eyes this time, Akasha is after all a Vampire ;) I contured my face and nose with bronzer and a brown eyeshadow.
Before starting with the eyes I applied a primer on the lids.

I bought this lovely new eyeshadow palette, I just love those colors <3

I started with the brown shadow and then went to black, just under the brows and in the inner corners of my eyes I used the creme-white.Then I shaped the dramatic egytian brows.

Next step was applying eyeliner on my lower whaterline and under the lower lashline. For a even more dramatic look I used falsies. I never use the glue that comes with them, I have one from "Fringer's" with a smal brush.

I apply the glue and let it dry for 30-40 seconds before I put them on, this way it stays in place quite instantly.

As finish I applied gold creme shadow in the inner corner of my eyes, I also put some of this gold on my lips and then toped it with a nude lipgloss.

And of course I needed fangs ;) Some time I want to make my own costumized fangs...

Yeah that's it I'm done and here's the result :)

Have a nice and scarry HALLOWEEN guys :))


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