Samstag, 26. September 2015

Elsa corset WIP

Hey everyone :)
I just started my Elsa corset and wanted to share this with you ;)

So this is the pattern I made

For the base of the corset I used a cotton denim and a blue crepe I hade in my scrap box. I ironed on some interfacing to the crepe, cause it was very slippery...

Then I sewed the layers together and all the pieces ;)

No bonig yet, but I already made the tunnels for them...

Also this week my shimmer sheats arrived <3 I'm going to cut lots and lots of sequins for my corset :P

Isn't it beautyful? I already love those shimmery things :) 
Maybe I'm going to hate them later, when I have to fix them to the corset ^^ will see...

Dienstag, 22. September 2015

Tauriel Cosplay Shooting Part 2

So here's the second part of my Tauriel shooting. My archer dress and corset and the traveling cloak.

Hope you like the pictures :D



I'll try to post more frequently again ;)


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Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Elsa skirt WIP

So I finally started my Elsa cosplay :) 
First thing is her skirt. I mad a muck up to test my pattern, I almost always do this and highly recomend it. Cause it can be very frustrating to start with the real fabric and you mess it up. That way you might even have to buy new fabric and start again... 

So back to Elsa: here's my skirt mock up

Made the slash a bit higher up the leg the leg then the original, cause for one I like it better this way and secondly it looked funny the other way when I walked around. The skirt kinda moves more fluently like this ;)

After the mock up I cut the actual fabric:

This is what my pattern looks like and yes it was a very close call with the amount if fabric I bought... I guess I got lucky.. ;) I had about 4 meters and I thought it was more then enough ^^

After sewing all the pieces together my skirt looks like this now.

And I'm so happy with it <3 The fabric is just perfect, it's so pretty and sparkly :)
Just need to hand sew the hem and libe it and then it will be finished. 
But I'll do that later on, cause I don't have my actual shoes yet and I also need to buy the lining fabric  ;)

Next thing is the corset base, maybe I'll be able to start it today... So stay tuned!


Btw I have no idea how this post looks in a browser, cause it's the first post I made via app. So I'm sorry if this looks messy ^^

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